A world without labels would be like a world without names – there would be no means of referencing or identification. Labels help us to distinguish between a bottle that contains a beverage and one that contains a harmful chemical; between a fresh product and one that has expired. They make life simpler, and can make all the difference when dealing with large numbers or quantities of items. Labels also make it easier to notice and appreciate the unique details of products that would otherwise go unnoticed. At Elite Labels, we have a label for every requirement you could have – product presentation, identification, quality assurance, variable information, and more. If we haven’t already developed it, we’ll develop it for you. Forget the stereotype; labels don’t have to be dull and boring. Thanks to our creative team of designers, your label can stick out and make a lasting impression.

From a simple idea to make labelling a simpler. neater and more cost effective prices, we’ve grown into a trusted one-stop labelling solutions shop. And yet, twenty-one years since we served our first customer, we still treat each client, irrespective of their size, with the same dedication and personal touch. For us, the journey to delivering excellent quality, quicker, has only just begun. Stick with us!


Our story began in 1991, when father and son team J Kalyan and A Kalyan started operating with a single full colour printing press and table rewinding machines. With only three staff members, the company focused on timely delivery and customer satisfaction. This setup prevailed until 1995, when R. Kalyan assumed responsibility for the running of the company and Elite acquired its second label printing press. In response to our dedicated service and reliable delivery, customer demand had grown significantly and continued to rise until 2002, when we purchased our third label printing press. On to 2005, when we welcomed our first automatic rewinding machine.


A lot can change in 21 years – technology, processes and possibilities. We have changed in the past 21 years: we’ve adopted new technologies and processes; we’ve improved our ability to provide better quality and service at affordable prices. We’ve also stretched the possibilities of delivering best-fit solutions in the quickest possible time. And yet, as much as we’ve changed, we’ve stayed the same.


We still hold the same values we did when we served our first client in 1991.When you choose Elite Labels,You will never be a number with us!


The printing industry has always been under the spotlight in environmental debates. Many traditional inks are harmful to the environment as they are non-biodegradable and often contain toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc on ecosystems. This is why we opt to use water-based inks, which are non-toxic and biodegradable. With the introduction of our new ultraviolet-based ink printer, we will cut down our turnaround time significantly while eliminating volatile organic compounds from the process and retaining our excellent quality. We are currently in the planning stages of a solid environmental drive that will see a change in our contribution to the green movement. This is planned to come into full effect in 2014.